Sinan, the master Ottoman Architect, completed more than 400 projects in a career of 50 years revolutionized architectural form & space in conjunction with geometric purity of structural form, materials, natural light & seismic engineering. Although being a contemporary to Palladio & Michelangelo, his works remain largely under-mentioned outside the geographical regions where his buildings are found.

The exhibition aimed at correcting mainstream ignorance of Sinan’s remarkable impact on Architectural History and particularly in architectural education.

To introduce Sinan’s remarkable works, Turkish Consulate General in Mumbai & Rachana Sansad’s Academy of Architecture collaborated to host first exhibition in India dedicated to Sinan putting together physical study models by students’ of Academy of Architecture, Information & research panels by Ar. Neesha Mewada, calligraphies by H. Masud Taj & photographs of Sinan‘s buildings by Kamil Fırat which was part of UNESCO World Heritage Committee’s exhibition previously held in Istanbul  in 2016.